Licenced academic subject areas

Licenced academic subject areas

The Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy of the University of Banja Luka has the authorisation to provide education in the academic (research and art) subject areas as listed below.


Organisation unit

Academic discipline (scientific/art )

Academic subject area

Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy


Study programmes:

- Architecture
- Geodesy

- Civil Engineering
























Architecture and urbanism (art and scientific)

Architectural design

Interior architecture and design

Scenic design

Urban and regulatory spatial planning and zoning

Urbanism and spatial planning

Urban design and urban plan development

Landscape planning and design

Urban renewal

Building heritage preservation and revitalisation

Spatial and visual representation (architectural graphics, visualisation, modelling, CAD, scale modelling

Architecture and urbanism (scientific)

History and theory of urban development

History and theory of architecture

Architectural technology (architectural structures, architectural materials, electrical and mechanical systems in building, building physics, building technology and architectural structural systems)

Management in architecture and urbanism

Form geometry (descriptive geometry, perspective, parametric architecture)

Geodesy (scientific)

Geodetic reference systems

Geodetic surveying

Cadastre and real estate management and administration


Photogrammetry and remote sensing

Cartography (mathematical, general, digital; production and reproduction of maps and plans)

Civil engineering (scientific)

Civil engineering structures

Construction materials and concrete technology

Hydrotechnical engineering


Transportation engineering

Construction project organisation, technology and management

Structural mechanics and structural theory