Students of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy at the University of Banja Luka take active participation in the teaching process. They have the opportunity for active and continuous learning, acquisition and adoption of new knowledge and skills, as well as a continuous development of creative and critical thinking and consideration of current affairs. Students also take regular participation in numerous seminars, conferences, competitions, workshops, exhibitions etc., all aimed at developing competences for future professional challenges.

Students in the Teaching Process

The teaching process provides the students with new knowledge and experiences. It takes on various forms, so within their subject classes, each semester the students are required to develop projects to submit to current national and international competitions, but also to address current affairs and issues in the city of Banja Luka and the region. Workshops and masterclasses by visiting fellows and exhibitions as the final presentation of their work are integral to the teaching process. From time to time, the teaching process also includes study trips, where students visit other faculties, bureaus, institutes, and landmark objects of transportation and structural engineering.
In recent years, the Study Programme of Architecture has been organising student workshops in the fields of graphics and object visualisation under the name ‘Skicoput’, through visits to cities in the region and in Europe. The destination chosen is usually a place of rich historical heritage, interesting urban matrices and buildings.
For years, the Faculty has been successfully cooperating with the Public Institution Institute for Urbanism, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska (IUGERS). This partnership allows students of the Study Programme of Civil Engineering to learn about the structural properties and testing of construction and pavement materials and soil samples.
At the Study Programme of Geodesy, each year at the end of the semester students attend the following practical classes: Practice in Geodetic Survey in the fourth semester, for the duration of six to eight days, and Practice in Geodesy and Practice in Engineering Geodesy in the sixth semester, for the duration of six days. The first three generations of students took field trips to Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia, to visit faculties, bureaus, institutes, an observatory and a planetarium.

The most successful students are included in the teaching process as student demonstrators, developing their teaching competences. In the past five years, 36 students were involved in the teaching process as student demonstrators at the Study Programme of Architecture, 9 at the Study Programme of Civil Engineering, and 11 at the Study Programme of Geodesy.

Student Extracurricular Activities

Student extracurricular activities include working under the auspices of the bodies of the University and the Faculty, participation in various forms of scientific research at the University or the Faculty, professional practice, participation in organising and maintaining summer schools, workshops and conferences, volunteering in the local community and participating in sport events.