Undergraduate Studies


The study program Architecture is the first cycle of academic studies with the duration of four years and 240 ECTS. The fundamental goal of the study program is the comprehensive training of the students for independent, but also the teamwork in the domain of the architectural profession. The students are taught and prepared to contribute to technical solutions of various problems in the domain of architecture, as well as to contribute to the wider goals of the sustainable development of the built environment. Within the framework of architectural studies, students are educated to provide comprehensive urban and architectural visions and ideas at different scales, taking into account aesthetic, functional, technical and other criteria, while respecting the requirements of the built and natural context. The academic title acquired by the end of the studies is a „Bachelor of Science in Architecture - 240 ECTS.“



Тhe main goal of the Study Programe of Civil Engineering is achieving the competences and academic skills of engineers in the design and construction of buildings, hydrotechnics structures and traffics, as well as general education. This Study Programe is designed to enable the development of students' creative abilities, to improve their ability to think critically, to participate in team work, to present and communicate their results to the professional and general public, as well as to master other specific practical skills in the required profession. After successfully completing the first cycle of the studies, students receive the academic title of "Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - 240 ECTS", depending on the subjects of expertise in the fourth year of their studies.



The main goals of the first cycle of studies of the study program Geodesy is acquiring knowledge and skills for working on creative, special and practical tasks in the state survey and real estate cadastre and geodetic engineering/technical areas. The qualifications that are gained by successful completion of the first cycle of academic studies of the study program of Geodesy worth 240 ECTS allow the participants to successfully solve complex engineering tasks and problems in the field of geodesy. After defended graduate work, students gain the title "Bachelor of Science in Geodesy  - 240 ECTS",. Together with the diploma of the acquired title, a diploma supplement containing the list of passed exams and their ECTS values, as well as other provisions that are not listed in the diploma, but are important for the understanding of the study program.


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