Student Publishing

MOST, the student magazine of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy at the University of Banja Luka has been published since 2012, with plans to publish two issues a year. So far there have been six editions in the Serbian language and one in English. Both the print and online versions of the magazine are available to all interested readers and aficionados of architecture, civil engineering, geodesy and design. The editorial concept of the magazine is based on the promotion and recognition of the Faculty and its students. The goal of the magazine is to provide students with a means to express their abilities, not only those closely related to the teaching process, but also those related to art, sports and other areas where some of them find inspiration and in which they excel. Since the beginning, the magazine has strived to present the creativity and individual abilities of the students, as well as to inspire and inform readers on the latest projects and findings from the world of building.

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