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Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Epoka University in Tirana and University of Novi Sad, in cooperation with Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania on September 9 are organizing the Second International Symposium Knowledge For Resilient soCiEty - K-FORCE 2019, within Erasmus + K-FORCE project.

Climate change, fast urbanization and new technologies, in interaction with irresponsible human activities, cause the need for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary engineering competencies, knowledge and skills. Considering these, available higher education is insufficient and unsustainable at regional level without modernizing and further development.

Numerous human causalities, significant material damages and negative environmental impact of natural and manmade disasters and fires in the Balkans are the warning calling for change of approach to these issues.

Resilient societies are based on knowledge and training, as well as preparedness. Building synchronized regional capacities in higher education in Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety Engineering, according to regional needs and contemporary trends, is a first trend towards building resiliency of our region. The symposium will be dedicated to current issues in education, profession, science and practice in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety Engineering.

Application of papers and deadlines

Authors interested in contributing papers are invited to apply paper topics and send abstracts not longer than 150 words by May 30, 2019. They will be informed about the acceptance of the topic by June 15, 2019.

Papers following manuscript requirements are to be submitted by July 15, 2019. The length of final paper should not exceed 6 pages including figures, tables, references and appendices.

The Symposium Editorial Board will select the papers that will be presented at the Symposium and published in the Book of proceedings.


Official Symposium language is English.