OGD19PNGIG - Practical teaching in geodesy and engineering geodesy

Course specification
Type of studyBachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course titlePractical teaching in geodesy and engineering geodesy
AcronymStatusSemesterNumber of classesESPB
OGD19PNGIGmandatory60П + 6В7.0
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
ConditionОблик условљености
Geodetic metrology. Engineering geodesy 1. Engineering geodesy 2.Completed course in Geodetic Metrology, completed course in Engineering Geodesy 1 and passed two computational colloquiums in the Engineering Geodesy 2 course.
The goal
Through practical work, to train students for independent work in geodetic networks with different types of geodetic instruments. Acquiring practical knowledge about the execution of geodetic works in engineering, through familiarization with the project of geodetic works, the execution of field works foreseen by the geodetic project, the analysis, processing and adjustment of measurements and the preparation of reports of completed geodetic works.
The outcome
Course outcome: Students are trained to independently perform different types of geodetic measurements in geodetic networks. Based on the measurements, the students form an elaboration. After the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to practically perform geodetic works in engineering, which includes: execution of field measurements, analysis and processing of measurement data, adjustment of measurements and preparation of studies on the implementation of geodetic work projects according to the prescribed methodology and valid regulations.
Field measurements: high accuracy leveling, GNSS static measurements, measurement of distances and zenith angles, gravimetric measurements. Reconnaissance of the geodetic network of the engineering facility. Measurement of elementary quantities in the network. Analysis of the accuracy of measured quantities in the geodetic network. Adjustment of the geodetic network. Analytical connection of engineering object and geodetic network. Analytical development of the object geometry project. Calculation of elements for geodetic marking of object geometry. Calculation of the accuracy of the geodetic marking of the geometry of the object. Geodetic marking of the geometry of the object. Geodetic control of geometry of engineering object - field control measurements, adjustment of control measurements, hypothesis testing (do points belong to a geometric figure). Geodetic works for the needs of road reconstruction - field measurements using the polar method, detailed leveling and GNSS measurements, processing of measurement data and preparation of appropriate geodetic map. Geodetic measurements for the needs of geodetic observation of objects and soil.
Methods of teaching
Field work and office processing of measurement results. Student fieldwork with various geodetic equipment (total station, level, GNSS) with constant monitoring of teachers and associates, occasional consultations regarding the processing of measurement data with appropriate software tools and preparation of reports in the appropriate computer center (cabinet).
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Облици провјере знања и оцјењивање
Elaboration of practical work. Field work. Final exam.