OGD07GNSS - Global navigation satellite systems

Course specification
Type of studyBachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course titleGlobal navigation satellite systems
AcronymStatusSemesterNumber of classesESPB
OGD07GNSSmandatory72П + 1В4.0
Lecturer (for classes)
    Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
    ConditionОблик условљености
    Satellite geodesy.Completed classes for attending classes, none for final exam.
    The goal
    Introduction to the architecture of global navigation satellite systems, the principles of their operation, methods of measurement and positioning, and geodetic application of the obtained results.
    The outcome
    Students will learn about the similarities and differences between global navigation satellite systems that are operational today, or are in the implementation phase. They will acquire the necessary knowledge about the principles of satellite measurements and different positioning regimes. The acquired knowledge will allow application in practice, in various geodetic areas, such as the development of three-dimensional networks, topographic surveying and solving geodetic problems in engineering.
    Introduction. Historical development of global navigation satellite systems. TIMATION system, B621, TRANSIT. Architecture of NAVSTAR GPS system. Principle of GPS measurement. Mathematical model of GPS code and phase pseudoranges. Autonomous GPS positioning. Precise absolute GPS positioning. Differential GPS positioning. Relative static and kinematic GPS positioning. GPS positioning in the network of permanent stations. Notes on the accuracy of different GPS positioning modes. Architecture and characteristics of the Russian GLONASS system. Architecture and characteristics of the European GALILEO system. Architecture and characteristics of the Chinese BeiDou-2 system. Architecture and characteristics of the Japanese QZSS system. Applications of GNSS measurements and positioning in geodesy, surveying and engineering works.
    Methods of teaching
    Theoretical classes and practical exercises.
    1. Seeber, G. (2003): Satellite Geodesy: Foundations, Methods and Applications. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin. (Original title)
    2. Blagojević, D. (2014): Introduction to Satellite geodesy, Faculty of Civil engineering, University in Belgrade
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    Attending classes Colloquium Oral exam
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