The European Cultural Academy- Summer school collaboration


The European Cultural Academy runs short courses in art and architecture in Venice, Italy. During the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 we would like to introduce you to the opportunity to establish a summer studio course. Traveling studios encourage students to extend their portfolio, experience the Venice Biennale and understand current tendencies and trends in the architecture industry.

An example is our most recent collaboration with the University of Melbourne for the traveling summer studio in Venice. Please find further details here.   

ECA can provide: 

  • Support with Course Syllabus, Learning Outcomes, Objectives for possible credit approval
  • Visa support and student communication
  • Organizational details, accommodation and travel expenses for professors and staff involved
  • Logistics and organization on site with 24/7 support team so you could focus on academic content
  • We can run the program for you or with you

Of course, for any information or clarification, I am always available to share with you further info and discuss possible further steps. If you like to know more please contact me directly at


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